Who We Are

High Country Baptist Church currently meets in the facilities of Colorado Springs Charter Academy.

HCBC exists for one major purpose: to honor Jesus Christ through knowing God and making Him known. In this mission, we are guided by two fundamental principles.

  1. Loving God with all of our heart, and
  2. Loving our neighbor as ourselves

As these principles are consistently lived out, we believe that we will see the following things happen in our community:

  • True teaching from and about the Bible, the Word of God
  • Genuine worship of the one true and living God who created all things
  • A community of believers knit together with heart-level relationships, which is being changed to live like Jesus Christ
  • Strong families with godly fathers who lead their families to love and serve the Lord in and through the church
  • Lives transformed by the power of the good news of Jesus Christ

What is High Country Baptist Church Like?

When you visit HCBC, you can expect to find a small congregation of friendly folks who are striving to follow Jesus Christ. Because we have a high view of the holiness of God, our worship services are reverent but joyful. We sing great hymns, pray together, and read and preach God’s Word, the Bible. We also share the Lord’s Supper together each week, and we follow our morning meeting with a fellowship meal.

We have many young children, and we love to have them worship the Lord with us in our services. In today’s “Christian culture” this has become known as “Family Integrated Church,” however, we believe that since this is the way the Church originally met, we tend to shy away from labeling ourselves as a “Family Integrated Church.” In fact, we tend to shy away from most “agenda-driven” labels because we want to be known as an assembly of believers who are striving to know God and serve Him rather than a company which is rallying around a particular movement. Movements come and go, but God and His Word will last forever.

But… What Do We Believe At High Country Baptist Church?

What a church believes and practices is of crucial importance, and we want you to know upfront what the beliefs and practices are at High Country Baptist Church.