9:30 Knowing God Seminar

10:30 Worship Service

12:00 Fellowship Meal


Worship - 7:00 pm

(Singing, Prayer, & Study)

High Country Baptist Church

865 Westmoreland Road
Colorado Springs CO
Pastor Jason Parker
(719) 473-2446

Questions And Answers About High Country Baptist Church

What might you like To know about us? Here are some questions we've answered over the years:

When are your Sunday services?
9:30 a.m.Knowing God Seminars providing transformative teaching on Bible Knowledge, Christian Life & Growth, Theology and Church History, and Advanced Studies (such as apologetics and Christian ethics).
9:30 a.m.Childrens' Bible Classes where we endeavor to assist parents in raising their children . . .
10:30 a.m.Worship Service 
1:15 p.m.Prayer Meeting 
What is your worship service like?
Our worship services are a time of drawing near to God by faith in Jesus, so you will find them to be reverent, humble, joyful, and focused on God. Since our God is the main attraction, we hear a lot from his word, the Bible. As he calls us to worship, we seek him for forgiveness of sins, we praise him for his salvation, we learn how to live for him, and we enjoy communion with him in the Lord's Supper. The order and flow of our service is shaped by the gospel, and we intentionally build our services in the rich tradition of biblical worship which the church has enjoyed for centuries.
Our worship service usually lasts around one hour and fifteen minutes.
How do people dress at your church?
We encourage worshipers to dress in a way that shows honor to God and love to others who gather for worship.
Will I be singled out, or be required to give a donation?
Not at all. We want you to feel welcome at our church. Because our church folks are pretty friendly, you can be sure someone will greet you and get to know you. But you are most welcome simply to come and observe. We want you to see our joy in Jesus Christ.
What about my children?
We love to welcome all ages into our worship of God. He delights in the praise of little children. We encourage children to worship with their parents, and we don't mind at all if babies make a little noise! Yet, if you need assistance with a little one, we have caring assistants who would be more than happy to give you a hand by watching children up to three years old in our nursery, which is in the lower level of the church building.