This Spring At High Country Baptist Church

High Country's Knowing God seminars continue the second quarter of this year with a study of words and speech in the Bible. This will be a very practical study about how we ought to speak as Christians, but the unique feature in this seminar is that we are going to set our speech into the context of God's eternal plan of redemption. To understand how that works, following is a list of some of the studies we will cover:

  • War of the Words: Creation Call and Response

  • Speech of the Woman's Seed vs. Speech of the Serpent's: Genesis

  • The Speech of God's People in Worship: Psalms

  • The Speech of the Wise Son of David: Proverbs

  • The Word of God Comes in Flesh: Jesus' example and teaching on speech

  • Spiritual vs. Fleshly Speech: 1 Corinthians

  • Speech by the Spirit vs. Speech by the flesh: Galatians

  • Speech of the new man vs. Speech of the old: Ephesians

  • Resurrection life speech vs. Earthly life speech: Colossians

  • Application: Winning the war in the home, the church, and the world

The Philosophy Which Drives Our Seminar Times

At HCBC, we have a saying that we want to be "relentlessly biblical." That means more than hanging Bible verses on the walls in our homes in order to be moral, or emotionally fulfilled people. Instead it means that we pack our bags and journey towards a new dwelling place: a wild and wonderful land revealed to us in the Scriptures. 

The Bible is God's revelation of his gracious plan which progressively unfolds throughout history. This seminar, "The War Of Words," is a study in biblical speech for Christians which is grounded in the scriptures themselves.

Join us on the adventure, seeing more and more of the glory of God, as we learn to be relentlessly biblical.

The seminar is each Sunday morning at 9:30 in the cafeteria.

Please Join Us

We would love to have you join with us, not only for our seminar, but for our regular morning worship meeting, too. Our main meeting begins at 10:30am in the auditorium upstairs. Following that meeting, our practice is to enjoy lunch together. If you're a visitor, please feel welcome to stay and get to know us better. There's always plenty of food! Our fellowship meal is a great time to meet many of us and learn about who we are as a congregation. We would love to host you for this time of fellowship.